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MARY JONES. From the WEEKLY ARGUS 14.4.1917


REMEMBERED THE RIOTS –Mrs Mary Jones, of the King William IV Inn, Cefn, near Newport, who died a few days ago at the age of 86, possessed many relics of the Chartist rising and riots on November 1839. A large poker, which was stolen from the house (which has been an inn for about two centuries), and apparently used as a weapon, was afterwards found buried in a garden between Rogerstone and Newport. It was taken back to the King William IV and kept as a sacred souvenir of the period. Bransby Williams, the celebrated Dickens character impersonator, cultivated Mrs Jones’ acquaintance a good deal for her wonderful fund of folklore and her equally wonderful memory, which contributed to making her an interesting raconteur.


Spotted by Peter Strong


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Q Where exactly was the King William IV pub – does any one know?