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11th Annual Newport Convention




Bookstalls, Activities ------ Lectures and Discussion ------ Lunch and Tea


At 6.00pm by the Annual Chartist Commemoration at the Chartist Memorial will take place in the churchyard of St. Woolos


7.30 pm 'MUSIC NIGHT' at the Pen & Wig (bottom of Stow Hill, near Westgate Square). The CHARTISTS Band is BACK!


IN THIS YEAR's LECTURES We FOLLOW the STORY of PUBLIC DISTURBANCE in the WEST of BRITAIN 1831 to 1844 that starts with the Merthyr Rising and the Bristol Riots in 1831, Rick burning, the political turmoil that year and onwards in Newport, Scotch Cattle activity, Tolpuddle 'Martyrs' 1834-7, the Chartist tumult of 1838-39 that led to insurrection at Newport and climaxed with the strikes of 1842-43 and the 'Rebecca' Riots.


Keynote speaker: Rhian E. Jones, author of Petticoat Heroes: Gender, Culture and Popular Protest in the Rebecca Riots.


Tickets for Convention and/or 'Music Night' available: