2019 Newport Chartist Convention


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9.30 Doors open, registration, stalls, musical accompaniment (members of Newport Orchestra)



Morning session chaired by Jane Bryant.


10.00 Introductory remarks and tribute to Paul Flynn.


10.15 Professor Steve Poole: Chartism and the Politics of Commemoration


11.15 Josh Cranton and Rhys D W: The Newport Rising graphic novel


11.30 Coffee / tea


11.45 Professor Malcolm Chase: Chartism and Petitioning


12.45 Re-enactment by Victorian Doctor Roger Morgan



1.15 Lunch, stalls, musical accompaniment (members of Newport Orchestra)


Afternoon session chaired by Dr Elin Jones


2.00 Dr Katrina Navickas: Peterloo


3.00 Coffee


3.15 Peter Strong: Sixty years of Rape of the Fair Country


4.00 Convention ends with concluding remarks


5.00 Newport Rising Torchlight March from Belle Vue Park to Westgate Hotel


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