1. Newport Rising Anniversary 2020 – Goes Virtual

Due to the Covid pandemic, the Newport Rising Festival and the Annual Newport Chartist Convention will look different this year!



2. Professor Malcolm Chase 1957-2020 – The life and work of the leading academic authority on Chartism, who died in February, this year ( Simon Hall & Rohan McWilliam)


3. Chartist Convention 2019 - Ray Stroud reports, with pics


4. Peter Strong follows the long road that the Newport Chartist story has travelled From Traitors (1839) to Heroes (2020)


5. Goff Morgan reviews the Tredegar House exhibition Riches and Rebellion (Sept 2019-March 2020) and considers how the National Trust’s project tackled the issues of privilege, inequality and democracy. Commendably, the National Trust is increasingly willing to engage with its public about the sources of wealth that founded the Houses, now in their care.


6. Brian Davies looks at the complex relationship of Slavery and Wales and asks should we Take down monuments or Put up some more?....

…. “there was hardly a wealthy family in Wales in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century who did not benefit financially to some extent from slavery” He argues it is time to rescue from historical oblivion numerous Welsh radicals, who championed the anti-slavery cause from the 1790s to the 1860s.


7. Andrew Willie reviews David Olusoga’s BBC 2 series A House Through Time broadcast on BBC 2 in the summer of 2020.


8. Elin Jones “Hidden Wales” ac Ogof y Siartwyr/ and the Chartist Cave

Bilingual article in Welsh & English about Elin’s intrepid BBC TV expedition to Trefil in the parish of Llangynidr - the site of a Chartist arms cache. Did she find any?


9. Les James: The Williams Family Monument in Tasmania How did it get to Latrobe?


10. Melinda Drowley: Chartism Redrawn. How the Illustration, writer and production team of Josh Cranton and Rhys D.W. Jones brought the Chartist story to a new audience.


11. Re-open the Westgate Hotel. The current Westgate Hotel was rebuilt in the late Victorian era on the site of the 1839 Rising. In the past few years it has been used by the Newport Rising and Our Chartist Heritage in a limited capacity for various Chartist related events. David Daniel is heading a crowd funding project to bring it back to a more permanent presence in the city.



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