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1. Poster for the Annual Newport Chartist Convention at the Cathedral (St. Woolos) on Saturday 5th November


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2. Chartist Convention Programme 2022


3. Newport Rising March Friday 4th Nov 2022 ORDER YOUR TORCH, TODAY!


4. Dr Vic Clarke.  Keynote Speaker at this year's convention-The Northern Star


5. Musket Ball Holes at the Westgate Inn – Truth or Myth?

Lecture: Ray Stroud at Newport Chartist Convention 5th Nov 2022 Were the holes made by gunshot? Or were they holes for hinges? Hear the evidence – the Jury is OUT – The DECISION?


6. Pete Strong: The Bristol Connection: The Frost family and Chartism in Newport and Bristol (Six Points 2022) to be launched at the Westgate 9th November 2022


7. The Reminiscences of Dr William Price from the Cardiff Times & South Wales Weekly News, 26 May 1888


8. Brian Davies reviews A Welsh Heretic, Dr. William Price, Llantrisant, T. Islwyn Nicholas (1940) - and introduces us to this historical classic text which presents Dr. William Price as standing at the meeting point of two worlds – Iolo Morgannwg’s world of pre-industrial artisans and the new working class movement created by the industrial revolution represented by Dic Penderyn.


9. The Fothergills: Sarah Richards Chartism eMag’s Family History editor sorts out the genealogy of ironmaster John Fothergill. Thomas Williams, father of Zephaniah Williams (Chartist), had close business connections with the Fothergill brothers, c1795-1810.


10. Harold Wilson at the Westgate Hotel November 3rd 1972 A personal reminiscence by GARETH ROGERS



11. Conviction Politics and Roar Film invite you to explore the multimedia which currently features over 60 short documentaries, numerous songs, and a multitude of images, long reads, and short reads.


12. The BOOK: A Welsh Heretic, Dr. William Price, Llantrisant,

 T. Islwyn Nicholas (1940) provided FREE online by





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