CHARTISM eMAGAZINE No 24,October 2023




1.  Heartbreaking Closure of the Westgate Hotel.


This is the press release by David Daniel Director of the Westgate who states that the building is once again

closed and facing an uncertain future following sudden and unexpected action by the leaseholder of the building.


2. Chartist Convention 2023:PROGRAMME:


Newport Cathedral (St Woolos) Saturday 04 November


BOOK NOW! at Newport Rising website


3. RISING EVENTS: Newport Rising March Saturday 4th Nov 2023 

This year the Convention, The Chartist Stone Commemoration and the amazing Torchlight March all take place on Saturday 04 November.




Map of routes and parking




Chartism and Art in Newport


For the first time Newport Museum and Art Gallery have all the Chartist imagery in their collection on display along side a range of later artworks inspired by the 1839 Chartist Rising. There is a complete digital version of the Ken Budd Mural. The newly renovated painting of Lieutenant Gray is shown for the first time. The exhibition follows the art trail right up to a recently published Graphic Novel and a painting by a local Tattoo artist.


The Exhibition is curated by Ray Stroud and David Osmond and is at the Newport Museum & Art Gallery

14th October 2023 to 14th January 2024


FACEBOOK Newport Museum & Gallery


WEBSITE Newport Museum & Gallery


There is an excellent catalogue of the exhibition available in English and Welsh at Sixpoints website




5. The Chartist Mural


The history of Ken Budd's Mural in John Frost Square


6. The Chartist National Petition 1838 


Les James discusses the fate of the first National Chartist Petition


7. Newport Chartist Rising 1839; Monmouthshire Merlin 9/11/1839


Five days after the rising a comprehensive report appeared in the Monmouthshire Merlin


8. Musket Balls and Bullet Holes


At last year's Convention, Olly Blackmore (Newport Museum) and local historian Ray Stroud presented the latest research on the Westgate Hotel bullet holes.


9. Ourang Outang, an attack on Mayor Thomas Phillips by The Western Vindicator


Henry Vincent's radical newspaper The Western Vindicator was very popular during it's short life. This satirical lambast of Mayor Thomas Phillps was published while Vincent was incarcerated in Monmouth Gaol.


10. Report of a lecture on Oliver Cromwell by Henry Vincent Lecture in Pontypool, 1860 as reported in the Free Press of Monmouthshire


In 1860 Henry Vincent was still a popular speaker who attracted large audiences wherever he went. 20 years after his first speeches in support of the Six Points of the Charter, Vincent returned to the Eastern Valley town.




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