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1. It is with great regret that we report the very recent and sudden death of BRIAN DAVIES of Mountain Ash in early December.


 “There will only ever be one Brian” says David Mills of the Gelligaer Historical Society – Brian was truly unique and very much admired throughout south Wales, always challenging accepted ‘history’ norms and thinking outside ‘the box’, he was forever a champion of the oppressed. Our Editorial is dedicated to an appreciation of Brian’s outstanding contribution to the historiography of Welsh Chartism …….


2. Meet David Osmond and Ray Stroud Curators of the Exhibition Representing the Rising: Chartism and Art in Newport at Newport Museum and Art Gallery on 10th January 2024 10.30am for the final guided gallery tour of this exhibition before it closes 13 Jan.


3. Prof. Nick Carter (Australian Catholic University) is in Newport, presenting “The Conviction Politics Project” on Thursday 18th January 5.00 - 6.30 pm at the newly opened Newport Rising ‘Hub’ , 170 Commercial Street.


This is the first of a series of lectures organised by Six Points publishers. Nick Carter was Head of History at the previous University of Wales, Newport, based at the now closed Caerleon Campus. He will explore the international multi-media website designed in Australia, under the leadership of Tony Moore (Monash University, Melbourne) of ‘Death or Liberty’ fame. [See Chartism no.11, 2016]


4. The Newport  Hub Rises – The latest initiative of Our Chartist Heritage is a community space near the historic Westgate Hotel


5. The Most Recent Publication on the Trials at Monmouth 1839. Gavin Eynon, The Trial of John Frost, The Gwent Local History Journal, no. 134, 2023. The author is a retired solicitor originally from Abergavenny, now living in London.


Contact the Secretary, Peter Strong, at for details.


6. Were there any MONMOUTH CHARTISTS? Les James searches in Monmouth records for local Chartists.  The county town of Monmouth was politically dominated by the Beauforts, as Cardiff was by the Marquis of Bute. There were clearly people of Chartist persuasion, but none had the political clout of John Frost in Newport or Morgan Williams in Merthyr. No one dared to put their head over the parapet. It’s a case of absence of evidence does not necessarily indicate evidence of absence.


7. Chris Williams’ (University of Cork) paper 'Liars, Knaves and Cowardly Poltroons: Opposition to the People's Charter in Newport and Monmouthshire' is in the latest edition of the Monmouthshire Antiquary (Vol XXXVIII 2023). The journal is free to members of the Monmouthshire Antiquarian Association: see for details.



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