Newport Hub Rises


Our Chartist Heritage (OCH) has been involved in a number of projects since its founding in 2008. The Children's March, the Chartist Convention and recently the hugely popular Torchlight March held annually from Belle Vue Park to Westgate Square.

The latest project is the Newport Rising Hub located at a shop front in the Westgate Chambers close to the historic Westgate hotel at 170 Commercial Street Newport. The Hub Director is David Daniel. It is funded for two years via a National Lottery grant but the organisers hope it will become self sufficient and continue for many more years. The People's Postcode Lottery Trust has funded a Project Assistant to support the work at the hub and OCH have appointed Lucilla Jones to the role.


The Hub premises was a fire damaged shop that needed considerable work to bring it back into use. Enthusiastic volunteers removed the fire damage and installed new plasterboard and painted the walls.


Before and after



On the left wall is a radical history time-line from Cromwell to the Suffragettes.



The time-line is a very visual representation but each section has a QR code that will take visitors to detailed explanations - many posted in this eMagazine such as the Chartist Bullet Hole story.


On the back wall, mostly to cover the repairs of the fire damage, there is a wide collection of Victorian era adverts. The shop, 170 Commercial Street opened in 1887 one year after the new Westgate Hotel and has seen many different tenants such as Thomas David, a confectioner in the 1890s. Many of these posters have been adapted to include names of OCH volunteers. This has proved so popular that anyone can now get a personalised advert from the Newport Rising online shop as well as a personalised certificate for Torchlight Marchers.



The back right wall is covered with more recent radical posters from the RedShoesPoster Archive. (Facebook page) The Archive is run by Shaun Featherstone and his colourful collection of original posters will move to the Hub this year. Duplicates of the posters can be purchased at the Hub and all that are available can be purchased via Shaun's Facebook site



David Daniel writes

The Newport Rising Hub is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm. This space serves as a focal point for exploring the Chartist movement and facilitates discussions on contemporary political and democratic issues.


The Hub features historical exhibits, including artefacts from the Chartist era and the Radical Red Shoes poster archive, which provide insight into past movements. It also acts as a platform for current discussions, connecting Newport's history to today's societal challenges.


In addition to its role as an exhibition and discussion space, the Hub offers Chartist-related merchandise. This includes a range of products from books to bespoke items, allowing visitors to take a piece of Newport's history home with them.


The Hub is also a starting point for guided history walks, offering locals and visitors alike the opportunity to explore Newport's historical sites and learn more about its rich heritage.


Community groups and individuals interested in utilising the Hub for events, discussions, or walks can contact the team at or visit the Hub to discuss with the friendly team.


The Newport Rising Hub aims to be not just a place of historical interest but a venue for active community engagement and learning.



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